Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 months to go

time is running out. and i'm more excited than ever.  but i'm still here in Japan haven't finished my project yet. its due in less than 2 weeks. hopefully everythings gonna be okay with my graduation.

mama said that everything has berjalan lancar. from booking the 'dewan' to the 'DJ'. lega sikit rasa. tak sabar nya nak balik Malaysia.. there's soo much things to be done. and i haven't met the ustaz for the interview. (rasanya depends on negeri kot, orang penang kena lulus interview before dapat kebenaran berkahwin)

btw, before this i am like trying to turunkan berat badan to look good on the wedding day. but now it seems to be hopeless. especially its winter now and i'm busy with research project. so, its kinda hard for me to avoid the 'manisan penenang hati'.

wish me luck!

p/s: we've booked our honeymoon package already. its somewhere in Malaysia, the best place!! tak perlu cari luar Malaysia la kan? really really excited. hopefully the place is like what we've expect it to be =)


~ thalhazlin ~ said...

yeah. good luck dear! :)

Anonymous said...

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